The Ranch is home to a wonderful volunteer community. Our volunteers participate in a number of events, and many are members of committees that help to keep things running smoothly. You can learn about the committees below--detailed descriptions of their various responsibilities can be found in our Committee Handbook. If you're interested in joining one of the committees or have questions about what that would entail, please reach out to the office!

Some committee meetings are currently being held via Zoom. If you are looking for the invitation link to one of these meetings, please check here or contact the office. 

Design Committee (DC)

The Design Committee's main purpose is to review homeowners' requests to change the exteriors of their homes. The committee keeps the Ranch looking and feeling like an integrated whole, as designed.

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Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC)

The Emergency Preparedness Committee helps residents prepare for what to do in case of emergencies such as earthquakes or wildfire.

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Finance Committee (FC)

The Finance Committee interfaces with other committees and office staff to create and present the Association's annual budget to the board.

Fire Risk Management Committee (FRMC)

The Fire Risk Management Committee works to spread awareness amongst homeowners about best practices to reduce risk of starting or spreading wildfires.

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Garden Committee (GC)

The Garden Committee manages the Ranch's community garden to ensure that using it is fair and enjoyable for all gardeners. 

Infrastructure Committee (IC)

The Infrastructure Committee helps to review and maintain the Ranch Common Areas. It also recommends areas of development to the board.

Landscape Committee (LC)

The Landscape Committee serves as an advisory resource to the board for all matters pertaining to homeowner landscaping and the surrounding natural area. The Orchard Subcommittee also tends the common area orchard.

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Nature Preserve Committee (NPC)

The Nature Preserve Committee promotes educational efforts and rule-enforcement for and in the Coal Mine Ridge Nature Preserve.

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Ranch House Committee (RHC)

The Ranch House Committee hosts Ranch social events designed to foster and sustain a spirit of community. The Welcome Subcommittee welcomes new residents to the neighborhood.

Wine Committee (WC)

The Wine Committee oversees the Ranch vineyard and wine-making processes. 

Committees that meet regularly keep meeting minutes, which you can find below if you log-in.