It takes some effort and some regulation to preserve the native landscape, the visual aesthetic of the homes and the social cohesiveness of our community. It also leads to a lot of paperwork, which is why we have a help sheet covering when you should file a design application and what type of application you should submit. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the office.

Design Rules

  • The Design Guidelines describe what homeowners can and cannot do to the exterior of their homes. PVR was designed so that homes would integrate with their natural surroundings, and the Design Guidelines strive to ensure that remains the case.
  • The DC Procedures Manual complements the Design Guidelines and describes the procedures of the Design Committee in terms of how it interacts with the board, the office, and residents at large.
  • The Approved Plant List contains a detailed and searchable list of plants indigenous to California. Only these plants may be installed in the ground at PVR.
  • The Rules for Contractors outline practices that contractors must follow while working at the Ranch.