Safety & Emergency Preparedness

Portola Valley Ranch is bisected by the San Andreas fault and surrounded by open space prone to wildfires, so we take emergency preparedness seriously. We have resident volunteer committees as well as staff that work in concert with the local authorities on fire risk reduction, evacuation planning, and earthquake preparedness.

Are you prepared to survive an earthquake? To evacuate during a wildfire threat? It is up to each resident to educate themselves, to make preparations, and to keep informed!

Learn more about evacuation        Learn more about earthquake safety      

Learn more about fire safety

Emergency Contacts

Ranch Contacts:

Ranch Office (650) 851-1811
Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) Chair, Donnie Middleman: (650) 851-0535
Fire Risk Management Committee Chair, Peter Steiner: (650) 851-2081

Local Contacts:

Call 911 in case of emergency 
Woodside Fire Protection District (WFPD), non-emergency: (650) 851-1594
Sheriff, non-emergency: (650) 364-4911